ZEAC - The Centre for Dental and Aesthetic Education is a professionally equipped place where specialists in various areas can organise training sessions and lectures. The practical training room equipment will enable everyone to achieve their best performance. The key to success is the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and the multiple magnification that can be achieved by using a microscope in dental practice. There are 13 workplaces in the Centre having microscopes for each participant and a lecture room for 40 persons. The aim of the Centre for Dental and Aesthetic Education is to promote the organisation of lectures and practical classes by Latvian and foreign lecturers, by developing the skills and abilities of dentists in daily work. Accuracy in work and multiple magnification by microscope is the key to success in dental practice.



Predictable posterior composite restorations. Dr. Iveta Ābola

Practical class on teeth models under magnification. Choice of materials and consistencies. Proper adhesion technique to prevent post-operative sensitivity. Instruments for creating and shaping the occlusal anatomy. Evaluation of occlusal height before the restoration. Planning of fissure depth. Interproximal contact surface and contact points. Deep approximal cavities, tips and recommendations. Finishing and polishing. Rubber dam application techniques and tips. 08.06. 10.00 8 TIP 120.00 Eur Liepajas street 34, Riga

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